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On This Day - September 20

1939Wilk (Dutch)Arrived in Britain and entered the harbour of Rosyth under the escort of the British destroyer HMS Sturdy
1941Thule (P325)Laid Down
1941Tudor (P326)Laid Down
1942Unruffled (P46)HMS Unruffled torpedoes and sinks the Vichy-French merchant Liberia about 7 nautical miles north-east of Mahdia, Tunisia.
1942P614HMS P-614 attacks the German submarine U-408 with torpedoes in the Arctic Ocean. All torpedoes miss. The crew thought they had sunk the target and the skipper (Lt. Beckley) even received a DSO for the sinking.
1942Traveller (N48)HMS Traveller ended her 3rd war patrol at Beirut
1943Sirdar (P226)Completed
1944Sceptre (P215)HMS Sceptre torpedoes and sinks the Norwegian merchant Vela and the German minesweeper M 132 about 11 nautical miles west-south-west of Norway.
1945L26HMS L-26 scuttled Halifax approaches
1945Achates (P433)Launched

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