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On This Day - September 20

194Thule (P325)Laid Down
194Tudor (P326)Laid Down
194Unruffled (P46)HMS Unruffled torpedoes and sinks the Vichy-French merchant Liberia about 7 nautical miles north-east of Mahdia, Tunisia.
194P614HMS P-614 attacks the German submarine U-408 with torpedoes in the Arctic Ocean. All torpedoes miss. The crew thought they had sunk the target and the skipper (Lt. Beckley) even received a DSO for the sinking.
194Traveller (N48)HMS Traveller ended her 3rd war patrol at Beirut
194Sirdar (P226)Completed
194Sceptre (P215)HMS Sceptre torpedoes and sinks the Norwegian merchant Vela and the German minesweeper M 132 about 11 nautical miles west-south-west of Norway.
194L26HMS L-26 scuttled Halifax approaches
194Achates (P433)Launched

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