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On This Day - September 21

1917K2One member of the crew accidentally fell overboard and was drowned. He was Sto 1 Reginald Tinniswood.
19321911 - 1932: AdamantSold
1942Unruffled (P46)At 0105 hours HMS Unruffled sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper N 10/Aquila with gunfire off the Tunisian coast 8 nautical miles bearing 040 from Mehedia.
1943Unseen (P51)HMS Unseen torpedoed and sank the German mine-layer Brandenburg and the German night fighter direction vessel Kreta.

By firing a full salvo when the two target ships were overlapping, HMS Unseen achieved the remarkable result of sinking both vessels simultaneously, about 7 nautical miles northeast of Isola di Capraia, Italy.
1943P52Fired torpedoes off Bastia harbour, Corsica, France and sank the German transport Nikolaus and the German tug Kraft. Dzik also claimed the sinking of a second transport and several German landing craft.

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