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On This Day - September 24

19121886 - 1912: PactolusCommissioned at Chatham
1926Oberon (S09)Launched
1939Spearfish (N69)HMS Spearfish was heavily damaged by German warships off Horns Reef. She was unable to submerge but nevertheless managed to escape. A rescue mission was undertaken by the British Humber force and Home fleet. Spearfish safely put in Rosyth on the 26th. Repairs to Spearfish were completed in early March 1940.
1940Tuna (N94)HMS Tuna torpedoes and sinks the German catapult ship Ostmark in the Bay of Biscay about 35 nautical miles south-west of St. Nazaire, France.
1940Cachalot (N83)HMS Cachalot attacks a submarine with torpedoes in the Bay of Biscay. The target is not hit.
1941Triumph (N18)HMS Triumph damages the Italian tanker Poseidone and the Italian merchant Sidamo off Ortona, Abruzzi, Italy.
1941Urge (N17)An attack was made a 2,500 ton Merchant Vessel. All torpedoes missed.
1942Sea Dog (P216)Completed
1942Usurper (P56)Launched
1943Ultor (P53)HMS Ultor torpedoes and damages the German tanker Champagne 11 nautical miles east of Bastia, Corsica, France.
1944Tudor (P326)HMS Tudor lays mines off the west coast of Siam.
1944Vigorous (P74)HMS Vigorous claims the sinking of a sailing vessel south-east of Cape Drepano, Sithonia Peninsula, Greece.
1944Visigoth (P76)HMS Visigoth damages two sailing vessels with gunfire in Strati harbour, Crete, Greece.
1944Vox (P67)HMS Vox sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire about 15 nautical miles south of the Kassandra Peninsula, Greece.
1945Ambush (P418)Launched
1952Sportsman (P229)Lost, cause unknown.
1960Onslaught (S14)Launched

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