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On This Day - October 27

19051905 - 1947: Cyclops (F31)Launched
1933Starfish (S19)Completed
1942Taku (N38)HMS Taku sinks the Greek sailing vessel Lora with gunfire off Lemnos, Greece.
1942Spirit (P245)Laid Down
1944Trenchant (P331)Chariots released by HMS Trenchant sink the Japanese army cargo ship Sumatra Maru in Phuket harbour, Siam.
2010Astute (S119)Commander Andy Coles relieved of his command following a grounding incident the previous week.

It was subsequently decided that he would not face a court martial. In December 2010 it was announced that Commander Iain Breckenridge, who has previously commanded the submarine HMS Tireless, would take over command.

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