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On This Day - October 18

1914E3Sunk off Borkum Island by U27 - First submarine loss of WWI.
1940H49HMS H-49 sunk by UJ116 and UJ118 off the Dutch coast

H49 put to sea from Harwich on with orders to patrol off the Dutch coast. At 1510 the submarine sighted a German anti-submarine flotilla of five vessels at a distance of 3000 yards, the flotilla also spotted the submarine. H49 immediately dived to 60 feet and depth charges began to fall around her. The submarine endured over two hours of depth charge attacks until 1850 when a large oil slick was sighted on the surface by the attacking vessels - marking the end of H49.
1940H49Stoker George Oliver floated to the surface unconscious, without a DSEA set, after a depth charge attack opened up the hull. He was the only survivor. He was rescued and revived by the German Navy, became a POW.
1941Ursula (N59)HMS Ursula torpedoes and damages the Italian tanker Beppe some 45 nautical miles west of Lampedusa Island.
1942Una (N87)HMS Una fires torpedoes against the Italian tanker Panuco north of Catania, Sicily, Italy. All torpedoes missed the target.
1943Tradewind (P329)Completed

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