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On This Day - October 05

1937Tarpon (N17)Laid Down
1938Unity (N66)Completed
1940Tigris (N63)HMS Tigris attacks a submarine with torpedoes in the Bay of Biscay. This might have been the Italian submarine Otario.
1940Regent (N41)HMS Regent rams and sinks the already grounded Italian sailing vessel Maria Grazia off Bari, Italy.
1942Safari (P211)HMS Safari torpedoes and damages the Italian merchant Eneo south of Sebenik, Yugoslavia. ship is later salvaged but delared a total loss.
1943Unruffled (P46)HMS Unruffled torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Pommern off Bastia.
1944Untiring (P59)HMS Untiring sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire and also fires 4 torpedoes against the German merchant Burgas off the Kassandra peninsula, Greece. All torpedoes miss.
1979Splendid (S106)Launched
1985Tireless (S88)Completed

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