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On This Day - October 1

1914G1Laid Down
1914G2Laid Down
1914G3Laid Down
1915K11Laid Down
1915K12Laid Down
1915K13Laid Down
1916L9Laid Down
1917H51Laid Down
1939Trident (N52)Completed
1940Swordfish (N61)HMS Swordfish attacks the German torpedo boats Falke and Kondor with torpedoes in the English Channel about 12 nautical miles north-east of Cherbourg, France. All torpedoes missed their target.
1940Union (N56)Launched
1941Talisman (N78)HMS Talisman attacks an Italian convoy with torpedoes in the Zea Channel missing the Italian merchant Lauretta. Talisman was heavily depth charged by the escorting Italian torpedo boat Libra.
1942United (P44)HMS United torpedoes and damages the Italian merchant Ravenna near Locri, Calabria, Italy. The Ravenna was already grounded after air attack.
1943Sickle (P224)HMS Sickle fires three torpedoes against the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 2210 off Portoferraio, Elba Island, Italy. The three torpedoes missed their target.
1943Spur (P265)Laid Down
1944Virulent (P95)Completed
1954Stickleback (X51)Launched

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