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On This Day - October 12

1914F3Laid Down
1914G4Laid Down
1914G5Laid Down
1942Thrasher (N37)HMS Thrasher sinks a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire in the Aegean Sea, about 15 nautical miles east of Cape Drepano, Sithonia peninsula, Greece.
1942Simoom (P225)Launched
1942Ultor (P53)Launched
1944Strongbow (P235)HMS Strongbow torpedoes and sinks the Japanese merchant cargo ship Manryo Maru in the Malacca Strait.
1991Triumph (S93)Completed
2011Olympus (N35)There was a fire inside the Olympus submarine at Port Maitland's Marine Recycling Corp. About 10 workers had to evacuate the vessel. To took firefighters 24 hours to put the fire out.

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