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On This Day - October 15

1905Commander J. W Linton VCJohn Wallace Linton was born in Malpas, Monmouthshire
19121892 - 1920: Bonaventure (F139)Recommissioned at Portsmouth
1913V2Laid Down
1918J6HMS J6 was lying on the surface outside Blythe. The Q-ship Cymric was also in the area and had already encountered two British submarines that day. At 1600 a third submarine was spotted closing to have what the Cymric thought was a good look before attacking. The Cymric at once went to action stations believing the submarine to be the German U-boat U6. As shells poured into the submarine the signalman attempting to hoist a recognition signal was killed. J6 attempted to lose the Q-ship by entering a fog bank Cymric followed and found the submarine settling in the water. It was only when survivors were picked up that the mistake became clear.
1931X2 (P711)Laid Down
1939Seal (N37)HMS Seal arrived at Gibraltar. She departed for Portsmouth later the same day.
1940Triad (N53)In October 1940 HMS Triad was patrolling the coast of Libya before proceeding to Alexandria. By 20th October the submarine was overdue. It was initially believed that Italian aircraft had bombed Triad off Calabria, but it was later discovered that she had been attacked and sunk by the Italian submarine Enrico Toti on 15th.
1940L27HMS L 27 attacks a German convoy in the English Channel off Cape Barfleur, France. All torpedoes miss.
1940Uredd (P41)Laid Down
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay bombards the port of Apollonia
1942Traveller (N48)HMS Traveller attacks an Italian convoy to the West of Crete. 4 torpedoes were fired against the Italian merchant Anna Maria. No hits were obtained.
1943Untiring (P59)In the Mediterranean U-616 encountered the British HMS Untiring, which fired three torpedoes without success
1943Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay torpedoes and sinks the small Italian merchant Tarquinia off Kalymnos, Greece and a Greek fishing vessel with gunfire east of Leros, Greece.

Following these sinkings Torbay had an encounter with the German Q-ship GA 45. Torbay's periscope was sighted first by GA 45 which dropped 5 depth-charges very close. Later Torbay surfaced intending to dispose of GA 45 with her gun but the German vessel was very alert and opened an accurate fire as soon as the submarine surfaced and forced her to break off the action. She did not drop any further depth-charges which led Torbay to conclude that she was out of depth-charges. The submarine was not damaged during this encounter.
1943Vigorous (P74)Launched
1943Vivid (P77)Launched
1944Sturdy (P248)HMS Sturdy sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire in the Gulf of Boni, Celebes, Netherlands East Indies.

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