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On This Day - November 21

19071907 - 1951: Lucia (F27)Launched
1916L16Laid Down
1938Torbay (N79)Laid Down
1941Utmost (N19)HMS Utmost torpedoed and damaged Italian cruiser Luigi di Savoia Duca Degli Abruzzi in the Mediterranean.
1942Splendid (P228)HMS Splendid torpedoes and damages the Italian destroyer Velite about 18 nautical miles south-west of Isola d'Ischia, Italy.
1943Sibyl (P217)HMS Sibyl sinks a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire in the Gulf of Saloniki, Greece.
1943Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire west of Psathoura Island, Greece.
1945Tabard (P342)Launched
1951Sidon (P259)Taken in hand for refit and modernisation at Devonport. This included the removal of the 4-inch gun and gun tower and the installation of a snort mast and Type 267MW radar.
2016E5Divers found the remarkably intact hull of HMS E5 off the coast of the Netherlands after securing an agreement for a brief suspension of the busy shipping lane beneath which it rests. The wreck of E5 was found by off the island of Schiermonnikoog, there was no sign of major damage to the hull, indicating that it was not sunk as a result of enemy action. Remy Luttik, head of the diving team, said he was relieved: “A puzzle piece of the maritime history of the North Sea could be clarified.”

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