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On This Day - November 22

1916E30Lost in the North sea. Possibly mined off Orford Ness. E30 left Harwich on November 15th. The minefield was not located until 25th November.
1918G11G11 ran aground off Howick in Northumberland in adverse weather conditions (navigation having only been possible via dead reckoning)

As the crew abandoned ship, two men fell in the water. The body of Stoker Foster was never recovered but Tel Back was recovered and buried in St Peter's Longhoughton.

One further casualty, Lt Richard Sandford VC (who had been admitted to Eston hospital suffering from typhoid fever) died the day after learning his beloved submarine had been lost.
1939Unbeaten (N93)Laid Down
1941Sea Wolf (N47)HMS Sea Wolf sinks the German merchant ship off the Syltefjord.
1943Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay torpedoes and sinks a German floating dock north of Skiathos Island, Greece.
1943Varne (P66)Whilst serving with the Royal Norwegian Navy, HNoMS Ula torpedoed and sank the Norwegian merchant Arcturus northwest of Stadlandet in the Vanylsgapet, about 2.5 nautical miles north of Honningsvaeg, Norway.

The Arcturus was already damaged, on fire and under tow after an attack by British aircraft earlier in the day. The Arcturus was towed by the auxiliary patrol vessel V 5101 and escorted by the auxilirary submarine chaser UJ 1709. Ula fired one torpedo at a whale catcher and one torpedo at the Arcturus. Both torpedoes however hit the Arcturus. The two escort vessels joined by the tug Furu and the minesweeper M 5615 searched for survivors and twenty-one men were rescued. Ula escaped without any counterattack.
1944Stratagem (P234)Sunk in Malacca Straits

HMS Stratagem sailed from Trincomalee on 10th November 1944 with orders to patrol in the vicinity of Malacca where it was believed the Japanese were loading ships with bauxite ore. On the afternoon of the 18th Stratagem attacked and sank the tanker Nichinan Maru. On 22nd November a Japanese aircraft spotted the submarine and directed a destroyer to where it had dived. Just after midday the destroyer attacked, the first depth charge causing the submarine's bow to strike the bottom. The submarine was plunged into darkness and the forward part began to flood. Attempts to shut the watertight door to the forward compartment failed and the crew were forced to make their escape.
1944Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca
1956Scorcher (P258)Suffered a fire during exercises.
1999Vengance (S31)Completed

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