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On This Day - November 29

1906C13Laid Down
1914E21Laid Down
1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse was docked at Blyth.
1942Seraph (P219)HMS Seraph fires 4 torpedoes against a convoy about 30 nautical miles west of Marettimo Island, Italy missing the Italian passenger/cargo ship Citta di Tunisi.
1942Uproar (P31)HMS Uproar attacks the Italian light cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli with torpedoes about 70 nautical miles south of Taranto, Italy. The target is not hit.
1942Tactician (P314)Completed
1942Unsparing (P55)Completed
1943Virtue (P75)Launched
1944Sturdy (P248)HMS Sturdy sinks two Japanese fishing vessels with gunfire in the Java Sea.
1944Supreme (P252)HMS Supreme sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the Andaman Islands.
1944Tarn (P336)Launched
1962Osiris (N67)Launched

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