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On This Day - November 3


A force of German battle cruisers commenced bombarding the town of Lowestoft. HM Submarines D3, D5 and E10 were ordered to intercept the enemy off Terschelling. While proceeding on the surface to the interception point, D5 struck a drifting mine and was sunk.
1941Trident (N52)HMS Trident torpedoes and sinks the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 1213/Rau IV in the Porsangerfjord.
1942Sea Nymph (P223)Completed
1942Taurus (P339)Completed
1942Unruly (P49)Completed
1943Seraph (P219)HMS Seraph sinks the Greek sailing vessel Aghios Militiades with gunfire off the Kaso Strait east of Crete, Greece.
1943Shakespeare (P221)HMS Shakespeare sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire off Kos, Greece.
1943Acasta (P452)Laid Down
1943Ace (P414)Laid Down
1943O24 (Dutch)Attacked a Japanese light cruiser of the Kuma-class with four torpedoes in the Malacca Straits. No hits were obtained. The cruiser is thought to be either Kitakami or Oi
1967Swiftsure (S126)Ordered from Vickers, Barrow
1986Trenchant (S91)Launched

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