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On This Day - November 4

1940Tetrarch (N77)HMS Tetrarch torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Snia Amba off Benghazi, Libya.
1941P511USS R-3 was transferred to the Royal Navy at New London. She joined 7th Flotilla at Holy Loch for anti-submarine warfare training in January 1942.
1941Unbroken (P42)Launched
1941P551Decommissioned from USN and simultaneously transferred to United Kingdom where she was renamed HMS P551
1942X3Sank while on exercise in Loch Striven due to a leaking engine valve. All crew escaped by using Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus.
1944Terrapin (P323)HMS Terrapin torpedoes and sinks the Japanese minesweeper W5 in Malacca Strait.
1944Volatile (P96)Completed
1960Odin (N84)Launched

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