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On This Day - November 6

1902A2Laid Down
1902A3Laid Down
1902A4Laid Down
1915E20On 30th October 1915 the French submarine Turquoise ran aground near Nagara Point, in the Dardanelles. With the submarine directly under the Turkish shore batteries the French crew hastily abandoned ship. Unfortunately for E20, who was due to rendezvous with the Turquoise, the French Captain had failed to destroy his confidential papers. The Germans now knew of the rendezvous and dispatched U14 to intercept the unsuspecting E20

U14 first sighted E20 at 1600 and at 1700 at a range of 550 yards she fired a single torpedo scoring a direct hit.
1939Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion fires 6 torpedoes against the German submarine U-21 off the Dogger Bank. All torpedoes fired missed their target. The enemy submarine surfaced and an attempt was made to engage her with the deck gun, but this proved impossible due to the heavy seas.
1939Upright (N89)Laid Down
1939Usk (N65)Laid Down
1941Token (P328)Laid Down
1942O24 (Dutch)Attacked a Japanese merchant vessel with two torpedoes about 45 nautical miles west-northwest of Penang. No hits were obtained.
1943Seraph (P219)HMS Seraph sinks the Greek sailing vessel Narkyssos with gunfire off Karpathos, Greece.

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