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On This Day - December 01

158The Chatham ChestThe first attempt to organize welfare provision for Royal Navy seamen was established - the Chatham Chest.
Contributions were deducted from sailors pay and placed in the chest, which had five different locks, the keys being held by five officers, in a (not very successful) attempt to avoid corruption, with sums disbursed to seamen in distressed circumstances
1881886 - 1921: ForthLaid down
191F1Laid Down
191E23Laid Down
191E29Laid Down
191E30Laid Down
191E31Laid Down
191E37Laid Down
191E38Laid Down
191E39Laid Down
191E40Laid Down
191E42Laid Down
191E55Laid Down
191E56Laid Down
191G6Laid Down
191G14Laid Down
191E37Lieutenant Commander Robert Fellowes Chisholm had sailed from Harwich in company with E54 (Lieutenant Commander Robert Raikes). It is thought that E37 was lost in a minefield off Orford Ness.
191M4Laid Down
191R9Laid Down
191R11Laid Down
191R12Laid Down
193Swordfish (N61)Laid Down
194Regent (N41)HMS Regent torpedoes and damages the Italian merchant Enrico about 10 nautical miles south-east of Marettimo island, Italy.
194Ursula (N59)HMS Ursula sinks the Italian auxiliary submarine chaser V 135/Togo with scuttling charges some 15 miles south of Cape Mele, Corsica, France.
194Sickle (P224)Completed
194Sturdy (P248)HMS Sturdy sinks a Japanese vessel with gunfire in Makassar Strait.
194Supreme (P252)HMS Supreme sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire of the Andaman Islands.
194Vortex (P87)Completed
198Turbulent (S87)Launched

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