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On This Day - December 12

1917P511Laid Down
1939Salmon (N65)German liner Bremen arrives at Bremerhaven from Murmansk, having evaded the British blockade. Bremen was intercepted by HMS Salmon but the submarine observed the then current rules of engagement and surfaced to order Bremen to heave-to. However, a German flying boat appeared and Salmon was forced to dive and Bremen escaped
1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse was undocked.
1939Undine (N48)HMS Undine was docked at Blyth.
1940Urge (N17)Completed
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay sinks the Greek sailing vessel P III with gunfire north-west of Suda Bay, Crete.
1941Utmost (N19)HMS Utmost attacks the Italian merchant Fabio Filzi in the Gulf of Taranto but miss the target.
1941O20 (Dutch)Placed under the command of the British Commander in Chief Eastern Fleet and ordered to proceed to Singapore.
1942Vampire (P72)HMS Vamire was depth charged and sunk by the Italian MTB Fortunale off Naples.
1942P222HMS P222 sunk by depth charging.

HMS P222 left Gib for patrol off Naples on 30th November 1942. Messages were received from her on 7th December, but after that no more was heard. P222 failed to arrive at Algiers on her due date of 21st December, and the Italians claimed to have sunk a submarine by depth charge on the 12th December. This is the most probable cause of the submarines loss but there has been no conformation.
1942P512HMS P-512 lost a man overboard off Pictou NS
1944Subtle (P251)HMS Subtle sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca.

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