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On This Day - December 16

1912E12Laid Down
1912E13Laid Down
1940Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune attacks the German tanker Karibisches Meer in the Bay of Biscay east of Ile de Yeu, France. All torpedoes missed.
1940Truant (N68)HMS Truant torpedoes and sinks the Italian tanker Bonzo east of Punta Stilo.
1944Stoic (P231)HMS Stoic torpedoes and sinks the Japanese auxiliary gunboat Shoei Maru west of Sunda Strait.
1944Thule (P325)HMS Thule lays 12 mines off Terutan Island.
1957Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough returns to Dolphin after completing the first circumnavigation by a submarine.
2004Vanguard (S28)HMS Vanguard begins post-refit sea trials at Devonport
2010Ambush (S120)Launched

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