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On This Day - December 19

1917UB-57German submarine UB-57 was sunk in the Dover Barrage. There was just one survivor who was picked up by HMS Gypsy.
1918P553Laid down
19221899 - 1921: CrescentSold for scrapping
1940Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune attacks the German merchant Birkenfels in the Bay of Biscay west-south-west of Belle Ile, France. All torpedoes missed.
1941Unruffled (P46)Launched
1941O20 (Dutch)Scuttled by her own crew, about 25 miles east of Kota Baru, to prevent her capture by Japanese destroyers. The Commanding Officer and 6 others died, the remainder of the crew were saved by the Japanese destroyer Uranami and made prisoners of war.

She had been damaged by depth charges from the Japanese destroyers Ayanami and Yugiri earlier that day. O20 then surfaced after dark but was spotted and engaged with gunfire by Uranami.
1942Vox (P67)Laid Down
1943Sportsman (P229)HMS Sportsman sinks a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire south of Lemnos Island, Greece.
1958Grampus (N56)Completed

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