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On This Day - December 21

18961886 - 1912: PactolusLaunched
1929Odin (N84)Completed
1934Sealion (N72)Completed
1936Thetis (N25)Laid Down
1936Thunderbolt (N25)Laid Down
1942Safari (P211)HMS Safari sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper Rosina S. about 5 nautical miles south of Hammamet, Tunisa.
1942Sportsman (P229)Completed
1943Sportsman (P229)HMS Sportsman attacks and damages the Greek sailing vessel Spiridon with gunfire south of Lemnos island.
1944L26HMS L-26 paid off Halifax NS
1944Trenchant (P331)HMS Trenchant sinks two Japanese landing craft with gunfire off the eastern coast of Sumatra.
1944Spearhead (P263)Completed
1961Opossum (S19)Laid Down
1982Torbay (S90)Laid Down

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