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On This Day - December 25

1942P48HMS P48 sailed from Malta on the 23rd December 1942. Two days later she was attacked and sunk through depth charging by the Italian torpedo boat Ardente north west of Zembra Island in the Gulf of Tunis.
1943Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay damages a sailing vessel with gunfire off Cape Stavros, Crete, Greece
1944Sirdar (P226)HMS Sirdar sinks a Japanese vessel with gunfire off Surabaya, Java, Netherlands East Indies.
1944HMS Terrapin and HMS TrenchantHMS Trenchant and HMS Terrapin sink the Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Reisui Maru. They also claim a fishing vessel and three coasters.
1944Tudor (P326)HMS Tudor sinks two Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the west coast of Burma.

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