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On This Day - February 12

1908C24Laid Down
1941Tigris (N63)HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the French fishing vessel Rene Camaleyre in the Bay of Biscay about 5 nautical miles east of Biarritz, France.
1941Utmost (N19)HMS Utmost torpedoes and damages the Italian merchant Manfredo Camperio off Tripoli, Libya.
1942Una (N87)HMS Una torpedoes and sinks the Italian tanker Luciana about 20 nautical miles north-east of Crotone, Calabria, Italy.
1943Saracen (P247)HMS Saracen sinks the French tugs Provincale II and Marseillaise V. with gunfire off Cape Sardineaux, southern France.
1944Stonehenge (P232)HMS Stonehenge sinks the Japanese auxiliary minelayer Choko Maru off the west coast of Malaya
1944Taku (N38)HMS Taku torpedoes and heavily damages the German merchant Harm Fritzen off Stavanger, Norway.
1946United (P44)Scrapped at Troon.
1958Walrus (S08)Laid Down
1970Auriga (P419)Auriga suffered a battery expolosion while in the Gibraltar area while engaged in NATO exercises. 10 men were injured but the boat was able to safely reach port.

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