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On This Day - February 8

1942Unison (P43)HMS Unison sinks the Italian sailing vessels Luigi Verni, Carlo P, and Angela with gunfire off Al Hammamat, Tunisia.
1943Satyr (P214)Completed
1944Sportsman (P229)HMS Sportsman torpedoed & sank the German POW Transport Petrella north of Suda Bay, Crete. 2,670 out of 3,173 Italian POWs where killed. German Guards did not open the POW rooms and fired at them while they tried to break out
1944Sibyl (P217)HMS Sibyl fires two torpedoes against the German tanker Centaur off Crete. Both torpedoes missed their target.
1944Ultor (P53)HMS Ultor fires 4 torpedoes against the German auxiliary minelayer Niedersachsen off St.Raphaël, southern France. All torpedoes missed.
1945Spark (P236)HMS Spark was attacked by an enemy escort which dropped 16 depth charges. Spark was not damaged.

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