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On This Day - May 18

1915E11E11, commanded by Lt-Cmdr Martin Nasmith passed through the Dardanelles on the night of 18 May. Surfacing off the town of Gallipoli, Nasmith captured a Turkish sailing vessel and lashed it to the conning tower to act as a disguise. This ruse failed to attract any targets, so after several days he abandoned it.
1916L1Laid Down
1916L2Laid Down
19381940 - 1970: Adamant (F64)Laid down
1941Tetrarch (N77)HMS Tetrarch torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Giovinezza off Bengasi, Libya.
1942Turbulent (N98)HMS Turbulent torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Bolsena west of Bengasi, Libya.
1943Storm (P233)Launched
1945Sea Dog (P216)HMS Seadog torpedoes and sinks a Japanese coaster north of Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.

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