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On This Day - June 27

1940Orpheus (N46)Declared overdue. The likely cause of her loss with all hands is that she was mined off Benghazi.
1941Triumph (N18)HMS Triumph on patrol off the Egyptian coast sinks the Italian submarine Salpa
1942Saracen (P247)Completed
1942Taurus (P339)Launched
1943Trident (N52)HMS Trident sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire north of Crete.
1943Osiris (N67)HMS Osiris sinks the Italian sailing vessel Vittorina with gunfire north of Crete.
1944Sea Rover (P218)HMS Sea Rover sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire off Penang.
1944Truculent (P315)HMS Truculent sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Malacca Strait.
1944Ultor (P53)While on patrol off Nizza, southern France HMS Ultor torpedoes and sinks the German tankers Felix 1 and Tempo 3.
1945Thermopylae (P355)Launched
1952Sidon (P259)Refit completed HMS Sidon re-commissioned into the 2nd Submarine Squadron, based at Portland for submarine and anti-submarine training

In "A Submariner's story" commissioning engineer officer Joel C E Blamey tells how the first trial dive out of the yard ended up with Sidon plunging down with a severe bow down angle striking the shingle bottom at 158 feet. A dockyard modification had caused a complete loss of the telemotor pressure resulting in the loss of control of the main vents and hydroplanes and other equipment. While quite frightening no serious damage was done.

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