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On This Day - July 5

19021902 - 1939: PandoraLaunched as SS Seti
1929Otus (N92)Completed
1940Sahib (P212)Laid Down
1941Tigris (N63)The Italian submarine Michele Bianchi is torpedoed and sunk in the Bay of Biscay west of Bordeaux, France by the British submarine HMS Tigris.
1941Torbay (N79)The Italian submarine Jantina was torpedoed and sunk in the Aegean south of Mykonos, Greece.
1942Safari (P211)HMS Safari damages the Italian merchant Tigrai with gunfire off the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia, Italy.
1943Untamed (P58)Untamed was salvaged on this day, she was refitted and named Vitality, returning to service in July 1944.
1944Sea Rover (P218)HMS Sea Rover sinks two Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire and scuttling charges off Penang.
1944Viking (P69)While on patrol in the Norwegian Sea, HMS Viking fires from 600 yards a four-torpedo spread at the German submarine U-965. The Germans saw the torpedo tracks and managed to avoid them.

A serving W/T aboard Viking at this time recalls that the topedoes fired "porpoised", allowing them to be seen by the crew of the U-boat, which then dived. He said they had no idea why the U-boat was on the surface as it evidently was not disabled. He also noted that the crew of the Viking weren't sorry they'd missed the other submariners.
1979Tireless (S88)Ordered from Vickers, Barrow

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