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On This Day - July 6

1906FarfadetThe French submarine Farfadet submerged with a hatch improperly shut. Its bow flooded, it sank off Sidi Abdallah, Tunisia. All attempts to raise her and save the crew failed.
1918C25A squadron of German seaplanes returning from a daylight raid on Lowestoft and Walmer, caught a Harwich-based British C-class submarine napping on the surface. When the boat was eventually towed into port she was literally a bloody shambles

The Commanding Officer and 3 crew members were killed. Another submarine came to their assistance, both boats were eventually saved by HMS Lurcher.
19291928 - 1942: Medway (F25)Commissioned at Devonport
1940Shark (N54)While on patrol and minelaying operation off Skudesnes, SW Norway, HMS Shark was on the surface when a seaplane was sighted astern. As the submarine submerged to avoid the aircraft two or three bombs exploded close to the stern, followed closely by at least two more. The explosions caused considerable damage.

Without steering gear and the hydroplanes jammed hard to rise, the submarine's bow broached the surface to be greeted by more bombs. The submarine began to sink by the stern and all high-pressure air was used to return her to the surface.

Once on the surface Shark got underway steering on main engines. Being sighted yet again the submarine came under sustained attack and No. 4 ballast tank was holed. Finally more aircraft arrived and Shark had no option but to capitulate.

At about 0400 hours the next day German minesweeping trawlers M-1803, M1806 and M-1807 arrived to take Shark under tow but the submarine was beyond saving and she began to sink stern first
1941Torbay (N79)British submarine Torbay sinks the Italian submarine Jantina
1941Triumph (N18)After a long gun battle HMS Triumph sinks the Italian merchant Ninfea and the Italian tug Dante de Lutti off Ras Tajunes, Libya. During this battle Triumph is also damaged and is forced to abandon her war patrol and retreat to Malta for repairs.
1943Saracen (P247)HMS Saracen sank the Italian merchant Tripoli near the Island of Monte Cristo
1943Uproar (P31)HMS Uproar torpedoes and sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel D-15/Brindisi 7 nautical miles north-east of Bari, Italy.
1944Sturdy (P248)HMS Sturdy sinks two small Japanese vessels with gunfire and demolition charges off the west coast of Siam.
1944Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca. Also on this day she lays 30 mines off the mouth of the Deli river, Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.
1944Sleuth (P261)Launched
2001Unicorn (S43)HMCS Windsor (ex-HMS Unicorn) delivered

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