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On This Day - August 12

1917Panama CanalSubmarines HMCS CC 1 and CC 2 along with depot ship HMCS Shearwater become first ships flying the White Ensign to transit the Panama Canal
1922C16The previously recovered and refitted submarine was sold for scrap to C A Beard of Upnor
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay attacks an Italian convoy 4 nautical miles west of Benghazi, Libya. The four torpedoes fired against the Italian merchants Bosforo and Iseo all miss their targets and Torbay is heavily depth charged following this attack.
1941O24 (Dutch)Attacked the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel V 111 / Eraldo with gunfire about 20 nautical miles south-southwest of Cagliary Bay, Sardinia, Italy. The action had to be broken off when 24 ran out of ammunition for the deck gun.
1942Unshaken (P54)HMS Unshaken sinks the German merchant Georg L.M. Russ off Norway
1942Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise lays a minefield (46 mines) off Ras el Tin, Libya and torpedoes and sinks the Italian transport Ogaden 9 nautical miles from Ras el Tin, Libya.
1945Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks the Malaysian sailing vessel Palange with gunfire off Bali.
2000KurskThe Russian nuclear submarine Kursk and its 118-man crew were lost during naval exercises in the Barents Sea

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