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On This Day - August 16

1915B6B6 and B11 were anchored about 700 yards off shore from Cape Lukka near Alexandria in Egypt. The Submarines were fired on (with small arms fire) by a party of Arabs and Europeans ashore.

The Commanding Officer of B11 (Lieutenant Norman Holbrook, VC) was hit in the face by a ricochet and wounded. One Engine Room Artificer was hit in the back and badly wounded and the Coxswain was hit and slightly wounded.

Engine Room Artificer George Kirman was killed and lost overboard.
1940Osiris (N67)HMS Osiris sinks the Italian merchant Morea about 50 nautical miles west of Durazzo, Albania. The Morea twice evaded torpedoes so was sunk with gunfire.
1940Seraph (P219)Laid Down
1941Talisman (N78)HMS Talisman attacks a submarine with torpedoes about 140 nautical miles north-west of Alexandria. All torpedoes fired fortunately missed their target as the submarine attacked later turned out to be HMS Otus.
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay sinks the sailing vessel Evangelista with scuttling charges off Cape Matapan.
1941O23 (Dutch)Attacks an Italian convoy with two torpedoes in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Both torpedoes missed.
1942Safari (P211)HMS Safari damages a sailing vessel with gunfire east of Sardinia.
1942Sibyl (P217)Completed
1944Virtue (P75)HMS Virtue sinks three sailing vessels with gunfire and ramming nine miles south of Milos, Greece.

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