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On This Day - August 18

1932L9Foundered in Hong Kong harbour during a typhoon

HMS L9 broke adrift from a buoy in Hong Kong during a typhoon. The submarine struck a merchant ship and damaged a dockyard wall before foundering. She was later salvaged.
1941P33HMS P33 was lost

On 6th August 1941 HMS P33 sailed from Malta with orders to intercept an Italian convoy bound for Libya. On 18th August HMS P32 reported hearing a prolonged depth charge attack that lasted for two hours. When the attack was finally over P32 attempted to contact P33 but received no response and it is almost certain that P33 had perished in the attack.
1942Safari (P211)HMS Safari torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Perseo near Cape Carbonara, 15 nautical miles south of Serpentara, Sardinia and later attacked the Italian submarine Bronzo.
1943Spearhead (P263)Laid Down
1944Scotsman (P243)Launched
1945Statesman (P246)HMS Statesman torpedoes and sinks a derelict wreck drifting in the Straits of Malacca, described as probably a coaster.
19641921 - 1965: Ausonia (F53)Returned to Portsmouth from Malta & sold to Spanish shipbreakers
1966Onyx (S21)Launched
1969Conqueror (S48)Launched

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