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On This Day - August 24

1925Otway (N51)Laid Down
1925Oxley (P55)Laid Down
1927Oberon (S09)Completed
1938Tetrarch (N77)Laid Down
1938Tetrarch (N77)Launched
1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse departed Dundee to take up a patrol position to the south-west of Stavanger, Norway. When the war with Germany commenced this became her 1st war patrol.
1941Upholder (N99)HMS Upholder fires two torpedoes at the Italian light cruiser Luigi di Savoia Duca Delgi Abruzzi off the north-west tip of Sicily but miss the target.
1943Unseen (P51)An attack by HMS Unseen on the Italian merchantman Hermada, was unsuccessful.
1944Tally-Ho (P317)HMS Tally-Ho sinks three small Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca.
1944Variance (P85)Completed
1945Otway (N51)Scrapped at Inverkeithing by Thos W Ward Ltd.
2003Unseen (S41)HMCS Victoria arrives Esquimalt. First Canadian submarine on West Coast since 1974

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