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On This Day - August 4

1903RN College, OsbornHM King Edward VII opened the RN College, Osborne: 'a cross between a workhouse and stable'
1914Britain declares warGermany declares war on Belgium. Britain declares war on Germany. Canada, as a self-governing Dominion, is thus committed to the conflict that "will be over by Christmas"
1940Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion torpedoes and sinks the Norwegian merchant Toran off Homborsund, Norway.
1943O23 (Dutch)O23 carries out Special Operation Gustavus III. A rendezvous, south of the Sembilan Islands, was made with the same junk as on 25 June 1943 to transfer personnel.
1943Unseen (P51)HMS Unseen attacked the Italian light cruiser Luigi Cadorna, but without scoring a hit.
1944Universal (P57)HMS Universal torpedoes and sinks the German auxilary minesweeper Petrel of the coast southern France.
1944Vox (P67)HMS Vox torpedoes and sinks the German guardboat GK 61/P�trel 8 and the German sailing vessels Thetis and SA 83 north of Iraklion, Crete.
1945Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire off Bali.

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