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On This Day - August 9

1916B10Aircraft of the Austrian Naval Air Service raided the port of Venice. HMS B10 was lost as she was tied up after taking part in the blockade of Pola alongside the Italian Cruiser Marco Polo, which was acting as depot ship.
1926H29HMS H29 lay alongside No.2 Basin in Devonport Dockyard. She had recently completed a refit and it was necessary to test the torpedo tube mechanisms. In order to do so the submarine was required to be "trimmed down". As the submarine began to trim several men came rushing on deck. H29's stern began to sink low in the water and attempts to shut the aft hatch were thwarted by a 4-inch pipe passing through it. Water began to rush through the hatch before the pipe could be removed. H29 sank in under 2 minutes. Read More
1943Simoom (P225)HMS Simoom attacked Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi off La Spezia. The torpedoes missed the cruiser but hit and sank the destroyer Vincenzo Gioberti
1944Trenchant (P331)HMS Trenchant sinks the Japanese fishing vessel Hiyoshi Maru No.3 and two other small Japanese vessels with gunfire off the south-west coast of Sumatra.
1944Vox (P67)HMS Vox claims to have damaged a small German merchant with gunfire off Candia, Crete, Greece.
1945NagasakiAtomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
1945HMS Tiptoe and HMS TrumpHMS Tiptoe and HMS Trump together sink an unidentified Japanese oiler with gunfire in the northern part of the Sunda Strait

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