Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A Group 1
Fate: Struck on the starboard side, near the conning tower by the steam ship Berwick Castle
The ill fated A1
The ill fated A1

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The First British Sub Ever To Be Lost At Sea
A1 was completed in 1902 and was destined to have a brief life. She carried aboard during that life, King Edward VII and HRH the Prince of Wales. Then, during manoeuvres on March 18, 1904, she became the first British Submarine to be lost at sea

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Baker, George Gibson  Petty Officer  158859    28
Baly, Clinton Parker  Engine Room Artificer  270491    31
Churchill, John Preston  Sub Lieutenant      21
Dudgeon, William  Petty Officer  123005    37
Ellis, Albert Benjamin  Stoker  149151    34
Fleming, Albert Bertram  Chief Stoker  144822    36
King, Charles William  Able Seaman  184404    24
Mansergh, Loftus Charles Ogilvy  Lieutenant      31
Parkinson, William Joseph  Chief Engine Room Artificer  268715    32
Roberts, Vivian William Lake  Petty Officer  168656    37
Wallace, Peter Scott  Able Seaman  186888    24


19-02-1902 : Laid Down
09-07-1902 : Launched
27-07-1903 : Completed
18-03-1904 : Whist on exercise off the Isle of Wight HMS A1 was tasked with 'attacking' HMS Juno. The mock attack began in the early afternoon; HMS Juno had been sighted heading towards Portsmouth Harbour. First to attack were the Holland Boats, after which came A1's turn. As A1 closed in for the kill she was struck on the starboard side, near the conning tower, by the steam ship Berwick Castle, on route from Southampton to Hamburg.

Unaware of the submarines in the area the master of the Berwick Castle reported that he believed he had been struck by a practice torpedo and continued his journey.

It was not until A1 failed to return to harbour that the full scale of the disaster was known


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