Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A Group 1
Fate: Rammed and sunk by the HMS Hazard on 2nd February 1912. Used as a target and sunk on 17th May 1912.

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The Loss of Submarine A3Read
Submarine A3 was sunk as a result of a collision with HMS Hazard on 2nd Feb 1912 during trials in the Solent. All members of the crew were lost. The Submarine was raised and the bodies of the crew recovered. They were buried, later, in the Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery.
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A3 depicted on an early postcard
A3 depicted on an early postcard

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Armstrong, Charles Elliott  Engine Room Artificer  M 277    39
Barden, William Thomas  Able Seaman  206027    27
Campbell, Donald Patrick Colin  Lieutenant      23
Compton, Edwin Frank  Able Seaman  228021    24
Farr, Charles  Leading Seaman  193220    31
Fowler, George Herbert  Stoker 1st Class  302987    29
Gent, Arnold William  Stoker 1st Class  295847    30
Good, Arthur Ernest  Engine Room Artificer  269500    38
Kelly, Parker  Able Seaman  205230    26
Ormand, Frank Thompson  Lieutenant      28
Page, Charles George  Able Seaman  219763    26
Richardson, Leonard Faber  Lieutenant      22
Thornton, Ernest James Vernon  Lieutenant      21
Wilder, George  Petty Officer 1st Class  166859    36


06-11-1902 : Laid Down
09-03-1903 : Launched
13-07-1904 : Completed
02-02-1912 : Sank off Isle of Wight after collision with HMS Hazard

The Commander-in-Chief regrets to announce that owing to a collision between His Majesty's Ship Hazard and the submarine A3, the latter sank near East Princess Buoy about noon today. It is feared that the submarine was completely flooded, in which case there is very little hope of the officers and crew being saved, though salvage appliances have been sent out.

Whilst on exercise off the Isle of Wight HMS A3 surfaced directly in the path of HMS Hazard. The collision caused a large hole to be torn in the side of the submarine sinking her almost immediately.


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