Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A Group 1
Fate: 16/10/1905 - Sunk in a collision in Devenport harbour and was raised again before being sold for breaking on 16th January 1920 to J.H. Lee of Bembridge IOW.
A4 off Spithead
A4 off Spithead

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06-11-1902 : Laid Down
09-06-1903 : Launched
17-04-1904 : Completed
16-10-1905 : Whilst carrying out sound signal experiments at Spithead, HMS A4 was trimming down when water came through a ventilator being used to signal, with a flag on a boathook, the results of the sound tests.

The submarine went down to 90 feet with an inclination of 40 degrees by the bow. Due to the contact with seawater, chlorine gas started escaping from the batteries. The Captain ordered all ballast tanks blown and as soon as the submarine surfaced, the crew were ordered on deck.

An explosion occurred as the boat was being towed to the dock and she slowly sank. She was later salved and put back into service.


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