Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A Group 2
Fate: 16/1/1914 - Sank in Whitsand Bay near Plymouth. Remains 135 feet down as a maritime grave
A7 with experimental hydroplanes forward of the fin
A7 with experimental hydroplanes forward of the fin
A7 & A9 with depot ship
A7 & A9 with depot ship

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On 16/1/1914 A7 and four other submarines were undertaking dummy torpedo runs against gunboat HMS Pygmy and depot ship HMS Onyx. A7 dived to commence an attack and never resurfaced.

It took six days to locate A7 and three salvage attmpts were made to pull her clear of the mud. Her hull was damaged and further attempts were reluctantly abandoned. Nine crew members remain buried inside in wreck.

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Crowley, John Francis  Petty Officer  210582    29
Naval History:- Has Crowley Joseph F P.O. 353096. ADM104:- Has Crowley John Francis P.O. 210582
Dyer, Ernest Frederick  Able Seaman  239725    22
RN DoB 26/06/1891. Actual 26/06/1893
Harris, Frank Charles  Able Seaman  234433    25
Jewell, Frederick  Able Seaman  238164    23
Morrison, Robert Herman Grant  Sub Lieutenant      22
Nagle, Robert William  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  270745    34
Northam, John  Leading Stoker  304857    31
Russell, Charles Edward James  Able Seaman  233337    26
RN DoB 16/06/1887. Actual 16/06/1888
Venning, Richard  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  269321    43
RN DoB 16/04/1870. Actual 16/04/1867
Wagstaff, Lancelot  Leading Stoker  D/K 13882    24
RN DoB 24/10/1889. Actual 24/10/1888
Welman, Gilbert Molesworth  Lieutenant      25


01-09-1903 : Laid Down
21-01-1905 : Launched
13-04-1905 : Completed
16-01-1914 : Whilst carrying out practice torpedo attacks against HM Ships Onyx and Pigmy, HMS A7 failed to surface having been seen to submerge by HMS Pigmy at 1110 The cause of her loss is not known and although her wreck was located on the 22nd of January bad weather prevented salvage.
12-03-1914 : Burial held at sea.


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