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Amphion (P439)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A2
Fate: Scrapped in July 1971 at Inverkeithing.

Was laid down as Anchorite During the 1960 was refitted with a 4" gun for service in the Far East during the Indonesian troubles. Pennant number later changed to S43.

Streamlined in the late fifties class conversion programme. Maximum submerged speed on battery increased to 10 knots. Unlike eight of this class of sixteen submarines that received a telescopic snort induction mast, Amphion retained the folding induction mast.

All external torpedo tubes were removed though on many of this class the external tubes were actually removed in the years prior to the conversion programme.

A bow buoyancy tank was required to be added after intial trials in 1945. This gave the A Class their distinctive appearance. The tank was removed during conversion. The bow shape being more or less restored to that intended in the original design.

Amphion in the floating dock at Singapore during a refit in 1962

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After calling at Gibraltar and Malta the next port of call was Port Said were we secured 'stern to' to the Admiralty Jetty. It was here that I heard a pipe that I never heard repeated again in my twenty - four years in 'boats'. It was 'Clear lower Deck of Seamen, Spread awnings"


14-11-1943 : Laid Down
31-08-1944 : Launched
27-03-1945 : Completed


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