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Andrew (P423)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A2
Fate: Scrapped 04/05/1977

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HMS Andrew (P423) is one of the few Barrow-built boats which can boast about being a film star. It also holds a host of other claims to fame.

The Amphion class submarine was launched on April 6 in 1946. It was fitted with a 4-inch deck gun in 1964 following service during the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation to counter blockade-running junks. The gun was flred for the last time in December 1974 and was preserved after the submarine was sold to be broken up in 1977.

HMS Andrew was the oldest submarine of the Amphion class in service and the last UK submarine to carry a deck gun. She was also the last submarine designed during the Second World War remaining in service and was the first submarine to cross the Atlantic submerged using the 'snort' in May 1953.

The 2,500-nautical mile trip was made from Bermuda to England and took 15 days in total. It set a new world record for continuous underwater operation.

HMS Andrew was used in the 1959 Stanley Kramer film On the Beach to depict the fictional United States Navy nuclear submarine USS Sawfish because the US Navy did not cooperate in the production of the film.

HMS Andrew also appeared as HMS Trojan in the 1950 submarine disaster story Morning Departure about a sub entangled by a magnetic mine with her trapped crew awaiting rescue.


13-08-1945 : Laid Down
06-04-1946 : Launched
16-03-1948 : Completed
10-10-1950 : Andrew was involved in a collision.
04-05-1977 : Scrapped

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in the early 1950's I came across the HMS ANDREW,at ROTHESAY BAY,Isle of BUTE,where it was moored next to the then resident Submarine Supply ship HMS MONTCALME, my Father who was in the ROYAL NAVY during the second World War as a Radar Operator on HMS ULSTER QUEEN,a converted CRUISER,which operated from Scapa Flow on the North Atlantic routes and later in the Mediterranean from Gibraltar,Malta and Italy.

While we were on Holiday on the Cabin Cruiser that he had built on the Canal at Kirkintilloch from a Converted Lifeboat that I found out much later came from a Polish Ship named "STEFAN BATORE",which had future ramifications in my life. But on my holiday a rowed out in our Dinghy in Rothesay Bay,towards THE montcalme and there was a Submarine on the far side of it which of course was the HMS ANDREW,and I was doubly pleased as I am named ANDREW also.

I ONLY FOUND OUT YEARS LATER about the Atlantic Crossing fully Submerged so I was so happy that I had literally rowed right next to it in the CLYDE at Rothesay Bay.I moved to DERBY in 1965 and Married a Polish Girl in 1971,and was only sometime after that I found out that our Cabin Cruiser had come from a Polish Ship as he bought the Lifeboat for £30 in 1948, and many a good Holiday we had on the Clyde and on the Forth at Aberdour and Fisherrow,(Musselburgh).
   ANDREW MCCOLL Mon, 18 Nov 2019

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