Artful (P456)

Built By: Scotts (Clyde)
Build Group: A2
Fate: Scrapped 1972

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Between August and December 1951 HMS Artful was 'on loan' to the Royal Canadian Navy as a training Submarine. On her return to UK HMS Artful was again 'Reduced to the Reserve'.

HMS Artful was 'brought forward from the Reserve' on 31st October 1952 and 'commissioned' for service with the 5th Submarine Squadron. The designation Flotilla was now being used to describe two or more squadrons.

HMS Artful returned to 'the Reserve' at Portsmouth on 6th August 1954 'for Refit' an, on completion of the Refit joining the 3rd Submarine Squadron in November 1955.

HMS Artful returned to 'the Reserve' at Portsmouth in January 1957 to await a further 'Refit'.

In August 1959 HMS Artful rejoined the 3rd Submarine Squadron - transferring to the 2nd Submarine Squadron in November 1960. In July 1966 - following a refit - HMS Artful transferred to the 1st Submarine Squadron.

In September 1968 HMS Artful was at Portsmouth 'awaiting Disposal' and was eventually sold for 'breaking up' in June 1972.

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Pooped Aboard HMS Artful
At about 0255 we were pooped (being caught in a following sea and pushed forward at speed and a downward motion). We should have been hove to and just about keeping station as we would plough into the oncoming sea with waves reaching 50+ feet.


07-04-1943 : Ordered from Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd, Greenock
08-06-1944 : Laid Down
22-05-1947 : Launched
15-12-1947 : Commissioned for service with the 2nd Submarine Flotilla (at Portland)
23-02-1948 : Completed
19-10-1948 : Reduced to the Reserve.
28-09-1949 : HMS ARTFUL recommissioned for service with the crew of HMS AENEAS to await refit in Portsmouth Dockyard
31-10-1949 : Commenced refit in Portsmouth Dockyard. On completion of the refit in early July 1950 HMS ARTFUL joined the 3rd Submarine Flotilla.
26-07-1950 : In dockyard hands for repairs to fire damage to the Control Room.
25-08-1950 : Having completed repairs to fire damage to the Control Room. HMS ARTFUL rejoined with the 3rd Submarine Flotilla until August 1951.


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