Auriga (P419)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: A2
Fate: Scrapped 11/2/1975

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This is part transcript of a citation in my possession. I have posted this to clear up the misconception that Auriga was dived when No.1 battery exploded. If we had been we could have possibly joined our Sister, Affray. The internal damage was severe. Luckily the blast had an outlet via the conning tower hatch.

Sheerlegs (Derek Lawbuary).




At about 0135, on 12th February, 1970, there was a battery explosion in HMS Auriga. Electrical power was lost throughout the submarine with the exception of the Police lights and essential services from the 24 volt system, and dense smoke rapidly filled the submarine. The forward accommodation space was wrecked and ratings who had been asleep rapidly evacuated this into the torpedo stowage compartment.

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander C.J. Meyer, Royal Navy who was awoken by the explosion immediately went to the Control Room and took command of the submarine, showing very positive leadership and a high degree of professionalism in alarming circumstances.

The Engineer Officer, Engineer Sub Lieutenant D.A. Kemp, Royal Navy who at that time had little submarine experience, entered the accommodation space several times at considerable personal risk to assist in rescuing the wounded and to assess the damage. He displayed a very high degree of leadership in returning the ship to a self sustaining state.

Throughout the incident, the Ship's Company remained calm and cheerful and all were equal to the emergency. The following ratings behaved with particular distinction:

There are then five (5) names mentioned (mine included) with their parts played out in the emergency.

The Citation ends:

The Ship's Company of HMS Auriga acted in the highest traditions of the Submarine Command and of the Royal Navy and I commend them for their initiative and fortitude.

19th June, 1970. J.C.Roxborough.



04-04-1944 : Laid Down
29-03-1945 : Launched
30-06-1945 : Completed
12-02-1970 : Auriga suffered a battery expolosion while in the Gibraltar area while engaged in NATO exercises. 10 men were injured but the boat was able to safely reach port.


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