Ambush (S120)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: SSN Group 5
Ambush (S120)
Ambush (S120)

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Keel Layed by Lord Bach - Minister of Defence Procurement. Named by Lady Anne Soar, Ambush's sponsor and wife of the Royal Navy's Commander in Chief Fleet, Admiral Sir Trevor Soar.

Naming Ceremony Photos

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22-10-2003 : Laid Down
16-12-2010 : Launched
30-09-2011 : Initial dive test completed in Devonshire Dock
15-09-2012 : Ambush set sail for the first time as she left Barrow for sea trails.

The 7,400-tonne, nuclear powered attack submarine left Ramsden Dock about 11am and made her way out through Walney Channel with about 98 crew members on board. Onlookers, many of whom arrived hours earlier to secure prime viewing positions waved and cheered as the ?1.2bn feat of British and Barrow engineering went past.
19-09-2012 : Ambush sails into Her Majesty's Naval Base Clyde to begin sea trials.
01-03-2013 : Completed
04-07-2014 : HMS Ambush left Faslane on July 4 to sail across the Equator to visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil before heading for the North Atlantic and the United States.
06-10-2014 : HMS Ambush successfully completed her six-month operational deployment and returned to her home port of HM Naval Base Clyde.

The submarine had left Faslane in May to spend the summer conducting UK operations in addition to taking part in NATO activities and exercises. Her deployment saw Ambush take part in NATO's largest and most demanding Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise, Dynamic Manta 15, where Ambush repeatedly proved her fighting capabilities against five surface ships and seven maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters.

She was one of a flotilla of seven submarines from the US, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, French and Italian navies, which pitted their wits against the surface ships of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2, led by the German frigate FGS Hamburg, in the Ionian Sea in September.
29-09-2015 : HMS Ambush, made a rare appearance on the surface of the Mediterranean for NATO’s biggest submarine exercise of the autumn.

Over 10 days, five surface ships and seven maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters pitted their wits against seven submarines, five conventional diesel boats, two nuclear, in the Ionian Sea.

Exercise Dynamic Manta 15 was billed as one of the most demanding submarine hunting workouts above, on and below the Seven Seas.

Throwing the hat into the ring on behalf of the UK was HMS Ambush, carrying out her second operational patrol since joining the Silent Service.


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