Built By: Chatham Dockyard (Medway)
Build Group: C
Fate: On 4th August 1915 Submarine C33 was operating in the North Sea in conjunction with the trawler Malta in an operation against the U-Boats. In the early evening the two vessels parted company. After a wireless message later the same evening nothing more was heard from C33. It is believed that the Submarine strayed into a minefield, hit a mine and was lost with all hands.

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Roll of Honour

Alexander  Petty Officer & Coxswain
E G Bennett  Signalman
AGG Bishop  Gunner & 3rd Officer
H P Black  Leading Seaman
C J Buchanan  1st Lieutenant
GEB Carter  Lieutenant
W C Clarke  Able Seaman
W C Duncan  Engine Room Artificer
Green  Able Seaman
Heath  Petty Officer
A W Hill  Able Seaman
G W Hocking  Leading Seaman
Hunt  Engine Room Artificer
W T Lashbrook  Leading Stoker
E S Saunders  Stoker
C J Wharton  Able Seaman
W D Windebank  Leading Stoker


29-03-1909 : Laid Down
10-05-1910 : Launched
13-08-1910 : Completed
04-09-1915 : HMS C33 had been operating with the trawler Malta in an attempt to entice German submarines into attacking the trawler. C33 would be towed behind the trawler ready to attack any German vessel that closed to take a look

Having completed the patrol C33 and Malta parted company at 2015. The last contact with the submarine was a wireless message at 2150. No further contact was made and a search failed to locate any wreckage or survivors. The Germans made no claims for her sinking and it is therefore believed that the submarine must have hit a mine.


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