Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: D
Fate: Sunk by a mine thrown out of a German warship off Great Yarmouth on 3rd November 1914.

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On 3rd November 1914 Submarine D5 was on the surface, at night, off the East Coast hastening to sea to intercept a German Raiding Force. Lt Cdr Herbert, a short while previously, had relieved his Second Captain as 'Officer of the Watch' and was on the bridge when the submarine struck a mine and was sunk. Herbert found himself in the water and after a while he was rescued with his 3rd Hand and three of the crew. His Second Captain and twenty others of his crew were not so lucky.

Lt Cdr Godfrey Herbert had survived a near fatal accident to A4 in 1907 and had, in 1912, taken one of the C Class submarines to Hong Kong.

The survivors were:


  • Lt Cdr Godfrey Herbert, Royal Navy
  • Sub Lt Ian Agnew Patterson MacIntyre, Royal Navy/li>


  • Chief Petty Officer Robert Spiers O/N 154380
  • Leading Seaman Alfred Dearlove Suttill O/N J7463
  • Able Seaman Charles Henry Sexton O/N J23950

Roll of Honour

F D Blunsdon  Petty Officer
W G Boardman  Leading Seaman
Bradley  Leading Stoker
DFO Brodie  Lieutenant
W J Copeland  Engine Room Artificer
Crimp  Leading Seaman
WRC Dowsett  Signalman
Dunne  Able Seaman
Houlcroft  Engine Room Artificer
Ingham  Stoker
G C King  Telegraphist
J R Leake  Leading Stoker
A L Norris  Leading Seaman
R C Penhaligon  Stoker
SCS Simmons  Stoker
A C Smith  Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
Smith  Stoker Petty Officer
JTP Tilley  Engine Room Artificer
Whiting  Stoker
Wilcox  Able Seaman
Worth  Stoker


23-02-1910 : Laid Down
28-08-1911 : Launched
19-01-1912 : Completed
22-08-1914 : Attacked and fired two torpedoes at the German Cruiser Rostock, no damage was caused.
03-11-1914 : Lost

A force of German battle cruisers commenced bombarding the town of Lowestoft. HM Submarines D3, D5 and E10 were ordered to intercept the enemy off Terschelling. While proceeding on the surface to the interception point, D5 struck a drifting mine and was sunk.


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