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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: E Group 2
Fate: 17 April 1915 - Ran aground at Kephez Point in the Dardanelles and subsequently torpedoed by HMS Majestic & Triumph to avoid capture by the Turks.

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Roll of Honour

H J Barter  Able Seaman Died as PoW
J J Bond  Leading Stoker Died as PoW
P Brennan  Able Seaman Died as PoW
T S Brodie  Lieutenant
F J Cornish  Able Seaman
F J Gingell  Able Seaman
E V Hindman  Engine Room Artificer
A Housman  Able Seaman
E H Mitchell  Stoker Petty Officer Died as PoW
E J Price  Lieutenant Died as PoW
J Shepard   Petty Officer Died as PoW
JHN Tapper  Stoker
G Williams  Petty Officer Died as PoW
T G Williams  Stoker 1st Class Died as PoW


Submarine E15 ran aground at Kephez whilst attempting to make a passage through the Dardanelles into the Sea of Marmora on 17th April 1915.

After running aground the submarine was shelled by the Turkish Forts in the area. In the shelling the Commanding Officer and five of the crew were killed and a further six were wounded. Of those that survived the shelling (and who were taken Prisoner) another eight died as Prisoners of War.


14-10-1912 : Laid Down
23-04-1914 : Launched
15-10-1914 : Completed
17-04-1915 : Ran aground after trying to enter the Sea of Marmara

On 17th April 1915 whilst attempting to run beneath the minefields guarding the Dardanelle Straits, HMS E15 was swept ashore by the strong currents. The submarine ran aground directly under the guns of Fort Dardanus. E15 came under heavy fire from the fort, one shell killing the Captain, another hitting the vessels battery compartment forcing the crew to surrender.

Many attempts were made to prevent the submarine falling into enemy hands and finally a torpedo launched from HMS Majestic put paid to Turkish attempts to re-float the submarine.
02-02-1916 : Leading Stoker James John Bond was thirty-two years old when he died (illness) in the POW camp at Afion Kara Hissar
29-11-1916 : SPO Ernest Henry Mitchell died whilst a Prisoner of War in Turkey.
04-02-1917 : Stoker 1st Class William Thomas George Williams died (illness) in the POW camp at Afion Kara Hissar.
02-05-1917 : Crewmember AB Patrick Brennan died whilst a Prisoner of War in Turkey

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My Nan's brother was Leading seaman Henry Trimmer on E15. If you're interested in his story, you can find it here:
   Paul McNeil Wed, 18 May 2016

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