Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: E Group 2
Fate: Torpedoed and sunk on 5th November 1916 by German U-boat U14 in the Sea of Marmara
E20 was fitted with a 6 inch gun
E20 was fitted with a 6 inch gun

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Immediately after 'Commissioning' Submarine E20 was sent to the Mediterranean to bolster Submarine Operations at the Dardanelles.

E20 entered the Sea of Marmora and was programmed to rendezvous with the French submarine Turquoise on 6th November 1915 to co-ordinate plans. Unfortunately the details of the rendezvous position (40º45'N 28º10'E) were captured by the Turks after the Turquoise had run aground and was abandoned by its Officers and Crew.

The position and time of the rendezvous was passed to the Commanding Officer of the German U-Boat UB-14 (Lieutenant von Heimburg). Whilst E20 was waiting on the surface at the rendezvous point the submarine was torpedoed by UB-14.

The following personnel made up the crew of E20. Of these ten survived to be taken Prisoner of War (one died whilst still a Prisoner) & twenty one were lost in the sinking. Those who died are listed above.


  • Lt Cdr Clyfford Harris Warren, RN
  • Lt Arthur Norman Tebbs, RN
  • Acting Lt Henry Wilfred Pell, RNR


  • Petty Officer Sidney Harry Jolley 226676
  • Petty Officer William Clarke Pope 216624
  • Petty Officer Alfred John Burtenshaw 212543
  • Leading Seaman George Dew J151
  • Leading Seaman Charles Woodman J2501
  • Leading Seaman Ernest William Job Webb 195407
  • Able Seaman Gilbert Thompson J3187
  • Able Seaman Harry Limb Waters J8325
  • Able Seaman Arthur James Howard J6684
  • Able Seaman Thomas James Piddock 238702
  • Able Seaman William Henry Voisey 235640
  • Signalman Henry Wilkinson Brown J7134
  • Telegraphist Wallace Henry Rudd J12347
  • Chief ERA Tracey Rees 270158
  • ERA 3rd Class Arthur Lonergan 271886
  • ERA 3rd Class Harold Douglas Male 271885
  • ERA 3rd Class Frank Edgar Williams M3935
  • Stoker PO Edward James Coleman 302288
  • Stoker PO Frederick William Hoy 301032
  • Leading Stoker William Long 229249
  • Leading Stoker Joseph Embery K13863
  • Stoker 1st Class Darcy Dendy K11235
  • Stoker 1st Class Harold Haynes Fenner K3236
  • Stoker 1st Class William John Keeling K13396
  • Stoker 1st Class Percival Hall Rodgers K2482
  • Stoker 1st Class Harry Albert Stanford K9865
  • Stoker 1st Class Percy Horace Victor Symonds K302
  • Stoker 1st Class William Kiddle K6439

Roll of Honour

H W Brown  Signalman
E J Coleman  Stoker Petty Officer
Dendy  Stoker
Dew  Leading Seaman
H H Fenner  Stoker
S H Jolley  Petty Officer
W J Keeling  Stoker
Lonergan  Engine Room Artificer
H D Male  Engine Room Artificer
W C Pope  Petty Officer
T C Rees  Chief Engine Room Artificer
P H Rodgers  Stoker
H A Stanford  Stoker
P H Symonds  Stoker
Thompson  Able Seaman
H L Waters  Able Seaman
E W Webb  Leading Seaman
F E Williams  Engine Room Artificer


25-11-1914 : Laid Down
12-06-1915 : Launched
30-08-1915 : Completed
06-11-1915 : On 30th October 1915 the French submarine Turquoise ran aground near Nagara Point, in the Dardanelles. With the submarine directly under the Turkish shore batteries the French crew hastily abandoned ship. Unfortunately for E20, who was due to rendezvous with the Turquoise, the French Captain had failed to destroy his confidential papers. The Germans now knew of the rendezvous and dispatched U14 to intercept the unsuspecting E20

U14 first sighted E20 at 1600 and at 1700 at a range of 550 yards she fired a single torpedo scoring a direct hit.
08-02-1917 : Able Seaman Arthur James Howard died (illness) in the POW Camp at Angora


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