Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: E Group 3
Fate: Torpedoed and sunk by U18 in the North Sea on 25th April 1916. Two members of the crew picked up and landed at Zeebrugge.

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E22 carried two Sopwith Schneider seaplane scouts on her casing. The boat would then submerge in calm waters and the planes would float on the surface. They would then take off and then return to the East coast of England in Felixstowe. The trials were not repeated

On Tuesday 25th April 1916 E22 was on patrol in the North Sea. The submarine was hit and badly damaged by a single torpedo. This had been fired from the German U-Boat UB-18 (Lieutenant Commander Otto Steinbrink). E24 sank immediately.

There were two survivors out of the crew of thirty-three. The survivors were: Sig William Thomas George Harrod J10833 (who was the lookout) and ERA Frederick Samuel Buckingham M3549 who had gone onto the bridge to examine the air whistle just before the torpedo hit. Finding himself in the water he attempted (unsuccessfully) to assist Stoker 1st Class Patrick Flynn. He then assisted (also unsuccessfully) Lieutenant Carles.

Thomas Harrod and Frederick Buckingham were rescued by UB-18 and became a Prisoners of War for the duration in the Prison Camp at Dulmen in Westphalia.


25-11-1914 : Laid Down
27-08-1915 : Launched
08-11-1915 : Completed
24-04-1916 : E22 was involved in experiments in the North Sea to intercept Zeppelins
25-04-1916 : HMS E22 was on surface passage in the North Sea. At just after 1150 a torpedo fired from the German submarine UB18 struck the vessel sending her immediately to the bottom.

Of the crew of 33 only two survived having been picked up by U18 and taken as Prisoners of War. ERA F S Buckingham and Signalman W T Harrod.


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