Built By: John Brown and Co (Cylde)
Build Group: E Group 3
Fate: E36 was lost with all hands in the North Sea, believed to have been hit, whilst dived, by E43 on Friday 19th January 1917.

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Alexander, Edwin James  Able Seaman  J 12975    21
Browne, Clement Charles Frederick  Boy Telegraphist  J 44913    16
16 Years and 9 months (Youngest Submariner to die on Active Duty)
Cheetham, Arthur Bateman  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  M 1219    31
Coney, Herbert Henry  Stoker Petty Officer  304521    33
Doe, Frederick  Stoker 1st Class  K 15739    22
RN DoB 04/07/1894. Actual DoB 20/04/1895
Frankish, James Simpson  Stoker 1st Class  K 21432    21
Green, George Lewis  Signalman  J 20410    20
Harrington, Charles Henry  Able Seaman  J 3799    24
Hickling, Ernest Albert  Able Seaman  J 9382    23
Jenkins, Sidney Royston  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  M 104    24
Kiddle, Albert Edward  Stoker 1st Class  K 11319    24
Kiely, Bartholomew  Able Seaman  J 5381    24
Little, John William  Stoker 1st Class  K 16569    25
Manning, James George  Leading Stoker  K 4616    26
RN DoB 23/01/1890. Actual DoB 4th Qtr 1889
McCormack, Alfred  Stoker 1st Class  231071    28
McGregor-Robertson, Thomas Bollen Seath  Lieutenant      29
Commanding Officer
McLaren, Arthur Matthew  Stoker 1st Class  K19059    23
Midwinter, Albert Edward  Petty Officer  190036    35
Mills, Harry Ernest  Able Seaman  236743    26
Moyes, William Ernest  Leading Seaman  J 5979    24
Newell, Harry Butler  Able Seaman  224578    31
Olden, Charles Richard Thomas  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  272471    25
Palmer, Horace James  Leading Seaman  J1595    25
RN DoB 25/11/1891. Actual DoB 3rd Qtr 1892
Pearce, Herbert Clay  Leading Signalman     
Accidentally drowned 01/11/1918
Piper, Walter Edward  Stoker 1st Class  K 15488    22
RN DoB 07/04/1894. Actual DoB 07/04/1896
Pote, Bertram Cecil  Petty Officer  238217    26
Richardson, John Reed  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  M 1401    29
Rickards, Lionel Robert  Leading Stoker  K 2078    27
Ryder, Dudley William  Lieutenant      24
RN DoB 28/12/1882. Actual DoB 28/12/1892
Trickett, Herbert  Leading Telegraphist  J 19270    21
Twynam, Hugh  Lieutenant (RNR)      28
Ward, Alfred Edward  Able Seaman  238778    26


07-01-1915 : Laid Down
16-09-1916 : Launched
16-11-1916 : Completed
19-01-1917 : E36 and E43 left Harwich at 0730 for two patrol areas off Terschelling. A strong north easterly was blowing. At 1126 just before they left the coast, E43 signalled to E36 to proceed independently. At 1330 E36 was on the port beam but was out of sight by 1500. The sea was running fairly high and at 1850 E43, having lost her bridge screen, eased to 5 knots and turned 16 points to fit a new one.

This delay must have enabled E36 to overtake her, for at 1950 off the Haaks LV, E43 had just altered course to true north when she suddenly sighted a submarine 3 points on the port bow apparently steering east and only 50 yards off. The helm was put hard to starboard and engines full astern but E43 struck E36 aft from the stern, rode right over her and saw her vanish on the starboard quarter in the darkness. E43 went astern but nothing could be seen in the darkness and heavy sea. Nothing more was heard of E36.


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