Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: E Group 1
Fate: Scrapped in February 1922

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Bacon, Cyril  Stoker  K15163    22
Bacon, James  Stoker  K18571    22
Bagwell, Andrew  Able Seaman  J9207    22
Baker, Henry Thomas  Engine Room Artificer (RNVR)  Tyne 5/158    23
Baldock, Alfred Henry  Leading Seaman  J5988    24
Bennett, George Henry  Stoker  K14986    24
Broad, Alfred Henry  Able Seaman  J6514    24
Carpenter, Henry George  Leading Seaman  228307    29
Cooley, Frank Henry  Able Seaman  J1314    23
Denison, John  Boy Telegraphist  J44783    17
Dudley, Charles Henry  Leading Stoker  K 6508    26
Dundee-Hooper, Stewart Briscoe  Lieutenant      23
Fenwick, William Thackray  Able Seaman  J3846    21
Gadsby, William Wallace  Petty Officer Stoker  294719    36
Gibson, John William  Leading Stoker  K 7355    22
Halls, William Charles Edward  Stoker  K 21878    25
Hewlett, Harry  Leading Stoker  310896    30
Hodgson, Ronald William  Engine Room Artificer  M 1500    22
Hunter, William  Lieutenant (RNR)      29
Jolliffe, Francis Henry  Leading Seaman  219416    32
Matthews, Frank Richardson  Leading Seaman  229890    29
Millard, Jocelyn Alfred  Engine Room Artificer  M3565    26
Nichols, Frederick Noel  Able Seaman  219985    31
Preskett, Harry  Leading Seaman  J1004    29
Repper, Charles  Petty Officer  227906    29
Salisbury, James Henry  Petty Officer  201219    34
Smith, Leonard Williams  Leading Telegraphist  J9412    22
Snow, Sidney  Stoker  K 2650    30
Tenison, Julian Tenison  Lieutenant Commander      31
Tovey, Maurice William  Signalman  J1071    24
Ward, John James  Stoker  K11010    29
Warwick, John Coster  Engine Room Artificer  M 6325    28


16-05-1911 : Laid Down
05-12-1912 : Launched
04-01-1913 : Completed
15-08-1916 : Whilst carrying out anti submarine exercises in the North Sea, HMS E41 acting as a target, had begun a surface passage of 12 knots when HMS E4s periscope appeared 50 yards off her starboard bow, on a collision course.

E41 stopped her engines but not before E4 collided forward of the bridge. E41 began to take in water through the forward battery compartment and began to sink by the bow. In less than two minutes the conning tower was under the water.

HMS Firdrake, who had been monitoring the exercise, took less than two minutes to reach the scene of the collision to pick up survivors. There were no survivors from E4. Both submarines were eventually located and salvaged for return to service, although E41 never served again.


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