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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: E Grp1
Fate: Mined off Harwich on 26th December 1915. Lost with all hands.

Roll of Honour

H Adams   Chief Stoker
J Barry   Able Seaman
H W Bellingham   Stoker
GJH Bowerman   Telegraphist
G L Burnett   Chief Engine Room Artificer
R G Cobb   Able Seaman
W Coltart   Petty Officer
G Coyles   Stoker
A Davies   Stoker Petty Officer
W G Desborough   Leading Seaman
W J Foster  Lieutenant Commander
A Gledhill  Lieutenant RNR
S H Hammond  Able Seaman
W G Horwood   Stoker
A J Jackman   Able Seaman
J E Jones   Stoker
A C Kipp   Leading Seaman
W Leaney   Able Seaman
A W Marrington   Petty Officer
F W Norton   Leading Signalman
G R Phillott  Lieutenant Commander
L G Potts   Able Seaman
J Rolland   Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
E Slater   Leading Stoker
E E Stevens   Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
R Stewart   Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
J Taylor   Leading Seaman
F V Tuck   Stoker
W G Wallis   Stoker
J J Watts   Leading Stoker
T Weatherston   Engine Room Artificer RNR


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12-09-1911 : Laid Down
12-11-1912 : Launched
15-10-1913 : Completed
26-12-1915 : On 26th December 1915 HMS E6 left Harwich to carry out an anti-submarine patrol in the North Sea. As the submarine neared the Sunk Light Vessel she was signalled by a patrolling torpedo boat to keep clear. E6 continued on her course and within view of the torpedo boat struck a mine and disappeared.


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