Built By: Fore River (USA)
Build Group: H Group 1
Fate: Scrapped in 1922.

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Held up by the US Government until the USA joined WW1 in 1917.

On 6th June 1918 Submarine H12 was on a surface passage between the Codling Light Vessel and Kingstown (Ireland) when he encountered a ship (initially identified as a Merchant Vessel) on his port beam at a range of about 2 miles. Also, there were three trawlers on his Starboard bow at a range of about three miles.

The vessel on his port beam (later identified as HMS Hyderabad) opened fire and continued firing despite the firing of recognition signals by H12. Fraser decided to dive out of the way to safety but was then depth charged for his pains. He then surfaced intending to identify himself to the trawlers, but these also opened fire. Further recognition signals were fired without effect and a large White Ensign was displayed.

The Coxswain was bringing more recognition grenades to the Bridge when a shell hit the conning tower. Shrapnel from this shell hit the Coxswain in the head causing injuries from which he later died. One Able Seaman also received minor injuries and the Commanding Officer was slightly wounded in the neck.

Eventually all firing stopped, and identities were established. The shell, which killed the Coxswain, was fired by the Trawler Bracondene which stopped firing when at a range of about 700 yards.


Lieutenant John Fraser Commanding Officer
Lieutenant John Wyndham Cookson First Lieutenant
Temp Lieutenant Samuel George Page 3rd Hand


PO Coxswain Thomas Henry Evans who was killed, was twenty-six years old.

AB Reginald T W Neate Reginald Neate, who was injured in the incident, had previously served in Submarine E23.


06-06-1918 : One crewman was killed and two others injured in a friendly fire incident by the Trawler Bracondene.


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